Welcome to Film Camp for Kids & Youth. We have been growing so fast that we will be changing our name when we move into our new site in 2021! It was supposed to be this summer, but COVID-19 changed that!

Our program began in summer 2012 as a small research project, and quickly developed into a growing non-profit organization.

Our 2020 summer camp begins on July 6th, and ongoing after that since on-line classes will be added throughout the summer and into the fall. 


This year’s summer program, offered on the ZOOM platform, has the makings of a Film and Tech Camp. Students are encouraged to register for multiple classes.

As you will see, we are moving to an integrated, year-round STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

This summer, we have planned a line-up of small 1-week (5-day) interactive classes in Filmmaking, Robotics and Math that last for 3-4 hours per day. Cost varies by course. Filmmaking is $100 per week; Robotics and Math are $280 per week, including HST.

As well, we are offering 30+ one hour daily live tutorials @ $15 CDN in all aspects of filmmaking and digital media.

Animation, Gaming, Music, Music Video, Visual Art and Francophone Classes have not yet been posted. Stay tuned!

Three-hour interactive lessons, offered in a series of three, one hour classes, are being planned and will be available soon. Some have been posted.


Students can register for any of the filmmaking, or “movie-marking”, classes in their age group, regardless of location – multiple times if they wish once since the scripts and the groups will be different each week, making each a new experience.

The “movie-making” classes offered in the mornings will require fun “homework” assignments with cell phone, iPads or cameras, whereas the 1-hour tutorials do not have this expectation.

Please take a moment to read our Q&A for additional information. We are training instructors on the new ZOOM security procedures, e.g. how to create a waiting room until the Instructor arrives and how to lock the attendance once the class begins. Our ZOOM Coordinator will be sending the class invitations (links) to parents in-boxes so that we limit the staff who have access to your email and registration information.

Small day camps will be added as the province allows.


Film Camp for Kids & Youth serves ages 8-18 and operates out of a 6,000 sq ft space, which includes a green screen room, and all of the equipment and/or supplies necessary for filmmaking, photography, art, storytelling and more. Programming includes all aspects of filmmaking as well as photography, animation and visual art instruction. We have been hosting classes in English and French, and one week of every summer we offer an overnight filmmaking camp.

We are very appreciative of the support we receive from Downtown Windsor business owners who open their doors to our filmmakers, photographers and artists. We employ 15-17 student staff each summer through Canada Summer Jobs who lead walking tours and supervise real-life “on set” experiences.  Our filmmaking participants make approximately 40 short films each summer, and the array of “sets” in the neighbourhood makes downtown Windsor a perfect location for our program.

  • Animation
  • Acting for Film
  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Miniature Model Making
  • Scoring Music to Film
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Set Building
  • Set Design
  • Stop Motion
  • Storytelling and Creative Writing
  • Visual Art
  • And more …

Multidisciplinary skills are learned that can benefit every person, in any stage of life or in any career choice, include:

  • Communications
  • Discipline
  • Listening
  • Team Building
  • Time Management (Meeting Deadlines)
  • Public Presentation
  • Writing
  • And more …

For additional information, email us at info@filmcampforkids.com

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