Virtual v.s. Day Camps

While we hope to offer small day camps this summer, we are currently only offering a virtual programs. The sharing of equipment can be a risk, as well as social distancing since participants will want to be in shots together. We hope you understand and will consider a virtual class. All are taught by our current and previous camp staff.

Will participants be able to make movies this summer?

Yes. As you may have seen in the news, Hollywood celebrities worked secretly to remake “The Princess Bride” while in quarantine. Similarly, students enrolled in the Small Filmmaking Groups, which are three hours a day, will be making movies together, virtually! The scripts will be written to accommodate this, and will require participants to video at home when not in class, using cell phones, tablets or cameras. They will use a storyboard created in class as their guide, and all footage that the participant is pleased with will then be uploaded to WETranfer.com (a free, safe site) and sent to the camp email address (info@filmcampforkids.com) for editing on-line the next day. In most instances, students and instructors will edit 1.5 – 2.5 minutes movies together on-line, and final copies will be loaded to the camp’s You Tube channel at the end of the week.

Since I have been called back to work, will you offer weekend classes?

Yes. We have several classes that are being offered on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week we will be offering a host of one hour classes that will be interactive and fun.

Do participants need cameras?
No.  Students in the tutorials do not need equipment during class. For the week-long filmmaking teams, students will need access to a camera, cell phone OR tablet on Tuesday and/or Wednesday afternoons or evenings for shooting at home during covid.
Does my child need a computer to take the class?

We will be using the ZOOM platform, with appropriate security measures. ZOOM classes can be accessed by a computer, tablet or phone. A ZOOM video class is similar to streaming so access to WIFI will be important. 

Do you confirm attendance?

Yes, we are recording all class (to our cloud site) for internal monitoring and as per our child protection policies and we will we confirm attendance, and lock meetings after Instructors arrive. We will be able to confirm attendance to parents as requested. The Assistant Instructors will take and record attendance, and ensure that participants stay on-line at all times (short bathrooms breaks are allowed).

Are your hiring new Instructors?

No, all of our Instructors have taught at the camp previously. The Assistant Instructors (one is assigned to each Instructor) are new.

Do you have new on-line polices?

Yes, we have added (and are still adding) numerous on-line polices to our already Extensive Health & Safety Manual? For example:
– We do not provide Instructors with family emails, or allow them to contract children and youth using personal email or social media.
– Our Zoom Coordinator sends out invitations to parent’s emails.
– Instructors are trained, and we have regular staff meetings to discuss on-line classes.
– 80% of summer classes will have an Assistant Instructor; all of the 3-hour filmmaking classes will have an Assistant.
– Class outlines are submitted and approved in advance.

Will my child be able to get questions answered during the on-line teaching?
Yes. We are keeping classes to a maximum 6 students per class for filmmamking, and a maximum of 8 students for the tutorials. The minimum number of students per class is 2.
Do participants need to live in Windsor?
No. Students can live anywhere to take part in our classes. Even for our day and overnight camps, we have always had participants from the United States, France and Italy who have been visiting grandparents during the summer months. On-line programs are accessible to anyone, anywhere. We encourage you to invite out of town family members, and/or friends separated by social distancing, to join the classes, e.g. cousins who live far away or apart due to social distancing can be in the same classes together.
Will on-line classes continue once the province opens?
Yes. We had planned to offer on-line classes since a number of youth in rural areas have wanted to take our classes.  The pandemic pushed us to get this started!
Is the day camp going to be open this summer?
We may offer small classes once the province opens, and we feel that we can manage the program safely.
Is the overnight camp going to be open this summer?
No. The overnight camp will not be offered this summer.

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