Film Camp for Kids & Youth is also a job creation program. Each summer we provide local post-secondary, film students with jobs in their field.  In turn, teaching also provides a new form of learning for our Instructors who mentor and coach our film production teams.  Our program also includes presentations from industry professionals who lead workshops in their area of expertise.

Our student/instructor ratio is 5-7 students per instructor; our Camp Instructors for Summer 2016 will be announced in June.  Instructors for other programs are announced as programs are developed.

Artist Director, Nicole Gellman
Nicole has a BA in Screen Arts and Cultures, with a concentration in production, and a BFA in Theatre Performance: Acting, both from the University of Michigan. She serves as the Artistic Director of the Film Camp for Kids & Youth, and a film production manager/film editor with MANAN Media where she has produced films and videos for multiple Windsor Star clients (ongoing), Northstar Cultural Community Centre, A Life Worth Living, Big Brothers Big Sisters, South Asian Centre and many others. Nicole has worked on films selected to play at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival as well as written and directed films that have gone onto to win cash prizes in local and student festivals. Nicole worked as a P.A. on the Windsor-produced feature film, The Birder, with The Dot Film Company based in Toronto. While attending the University of Michigan she produced and directed original work and lead a number of stage productions for both faculty and student productions. In her stage work, she has toured around Ontario in award winning productions, and was a participant in the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the worlds largest fringe festival.

Arron Fauteux
Assistant Artist Director, Aaron Fauteux
As a filmmaker and visual artist from Maidstone, Ontario. He is in his fourth year of the film production program at York University and each of his student films have been nominated for and/or won awards. His films deal with important social issues in surreal or unusual ways, combining meaningful stories with creative and stunning visuals. He is a director, cinematographer, screenwriter, and production designer for film whose diverse body of work includes fiction, documentary and alternative. He is also a painter, sculptor, and leatherworker whose artwork was featured in the Windsor-produced feature film The Birder, for which he earned a credit as “key scenic painter”. He’s been the assistant creative director of the Film Camp for Kids for three years, and it is his fourth year as Camp Instructor. His favourite films include The Lord of the Ringstrilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and The Empire Strikes Back.

Business Manager, John Groundwater
John Groundwater’s passion for media arts originated in high school, where his talent was recognized and he was invited to create audio-visual presentations for schools and board meetings within the Greater Essex County District School Board at the Media Services Centre. He has also handled camera, sound and graphics production for Cogeco Cable’s weekly coverage of the City of Windsor’s council meetings. John’s artistic talents have earned him access to unique projects such as photography for Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau. His photographs have also been featured in Grammy award-winning artist Imogen Heap’s album art. John has a well-rounded depth of knowledge and experience in photography, videography, audio/video editing and image processing. Encompassing the entire process, his creative talents guide projects from conception through production to distribution.

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