IMG_1270The Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts is the non-profit host of Film Camp for Kids & Youth.

The organization is committed to fostering creativity in film, digital media and all arts. We offer training/education, networking and job creation opportunities to grow filmmakers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the arts.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to help the university, college and local professionals grow a film ‘industry’ in Southwestern Ontario and the Windsor-Detroit region by attracting filmmakers to the area and connecting people to create jobs in film, which is all encompassing from costume designers to actors to authors and more.  Attendees in our kids programming will help increase enrollment at local educational institutions.

A ‘public’ talent database has been developed and all are welcome to sign up: talentdatabase.org  REEL Networking is free and takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

In 2012, several Board members with connections to the local and international film industry identified a 28,000 SF facility in downtown Windsor, including 703, 709, 711 and717 Ouellette and 716 Pelissier.  The goal is for the building to be owned and renovated by a media arts charity so that it has a lasting impact on the community.  Promoting arts in the central core, the facility is within walking distance from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, the Capitol Theatre, the Arts Gallery of Windsor and the new Chimczuk Museum as well as across the street from the (non-profit) Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator.  Beyond kids programs at the Centre’s second space, 586 Ouellette, authors have hosted book signings and theatre groups are already using the facility as practice space.

The media arts centre will be a maker space for filmmakers as well as a facility in which local filmmakers, artists and cultural groups can use to raise funds for their projects and programs, and to host public launches, art auctions, special events and more. Co-location spaces will be available for media arts groups and digital media artists as well as meeting space, editing suites, a sound studio, a screening room and more.  Many will offer dinner theatres once the ballroom is restored to its 1920s glory.

The Centre is also host the annual of the Windsor International Writers Conference.

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