Fall Cinematic Series

Below is a sampling of our 2016 offerings;  2017 dates and classes are not yet confirmed.

Classes: 10 Saturdays for Grades 8 to 12; 6 Sundays for Grades 4 to 7

Dates: See below

Times: 1 – 4 PM on Saturdays; 12 – 3 PM on Sundays

Cost: $80 per topic ($40 per weekend, but you are signing up for a two weekend workshop)

Days: 2 Saturdays or 2 Sundays

Sign Up: Sign up for as many sessions as you want in your age group; simply mark the dates on your on-line registration form. You can also email us your dates at info@filmcampforkids.com, but we will still need your registration form.

Our Fall Cinematic Series differs from year-to-year, and has offered classes in acting, screenplay writing, cameras, lighting, how to be a director, and more. In these workshops, students do not make movies, but instead focus on the techniques and technologies that will improve their filmmaking skills.


Instructors: Kyla Chandler and Milana Radic

Grades 8-12: TBA

Grades 4-7: TBA

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was someone writing great characters and memorable scenes for iconic movies. And that someone was YOU! Learn how to structure and write a script for a movie – and be creative!


Grades 8-12: Saturdays, October 22nd and 29th, 1- 4 PM

Have you ever wanted to know how to make someone look 30 years older for a scene in your movie – or just for fun? Well, this is your chance as it is covered in week one. Then in week two, you will learn how to look like a person with a serious injury or a zombie – just in time for Hallowe’en.


Grades 8-12: Saturdays, December 3rd and 10th, 1- 4 PM

Grades 4-7: Sundays, November 20th and 27th, 12 noon to 3 PM

How can you make a movie without really knowing how to use the multiple settings on a camera? Learn ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and a host of other topics in this class – including how to toy with your audience’s feelings just by rearranging the lighting.


Grades 8-12: Saturdays, November 19th and 26th, 1- 4 PM

Grades 4-7: Sundays, December 4th and 11th, 12 noon to 3 PM

You’ve always known you could be a great movie actor. Let’s talk about the differences between acting for film vs for stage. Explore a range of emotions in a variety of scenes where you’ll have a chance to bounce your ideas off of other peer actors playing in the same scenes.


Grades 8-12: Saturdays, December 3rd and 10th, 1- 4 PM

Grades 4-7: Sundays, November 20th and 27th, 12 noon to 3 PM

Thanks to the beauty of editing magic, independent filmmaking is on the rise. Join the crowd! Learn how to sync audio to visuals and how to splice your video clips to music to make them that much more appealing.

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