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Our Creative Writing Class 2018 Dates TBA

    • Dates and Times: 2018 dates TBA
    • Location: 586 Ouellette (street parking and lot across the street)
    • Ages: TBA
    • Instructor: TBA
    • Cost: $200 per week – all listed fees include taxes; other TBA

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Our 2017 Week Schedule

Monday – Objective: 1) Understanding your audience, tone, writing a great Introduction and Conclusion 2) Teach Conflict – Man vs. Man 3) Centres / icebreakers/ getting to know you games (writing, get to know you kind of day)

Tuesday – Objective: 1)Teach timing/pace and breaking down a story into a moment 2) Teach conflict – man vs. technology 3) Centres

Wednesday – Objective: 1)Teach organization and voice 2) Teach conflict- man vs. technology 3) Field trip – $10 extra per student (actual cost is $15 plus the bus)

Thursday – Objective: 1) Teach elements of a story 2) Teach word choice 3) Teach comic strip creation 4) Take a walk to local comic store Chatham St. West – for a tour and purchases as desired 4) Centres 5) Dress as your favourite comic book super hero

Friday –  Oh Canada / red and white day – hotdogs, drumming, spoken word and movie (The Avengers) as we study man vs. society conflicts – parents join us from 4-5 for performance


Robin Martin Duttmann is an Educational Assistant who has enjoyed working with Special need Students at the Elementary level for over 15 years. It has been said that she has incredible insight and patience towards children especially those with exceptionalities or behavioural problems. She has been known to “donate” her lunch rather than see a child go hungry, with the exception her own,” if they can’t feed themselves as teenagers,” she would say,” can go hungry” and they often do.

She is a published author and Creative Writing Teacher for Children at The Windsor International Writers Conference. She was offered this position after winning The Allister McLeod Award for her Masterful Short Story “My Grandmother’s Porch” in 2015. Her book Zoo on the Moon received Honorable Mention at the 2013 Purple Dragonfly Literary Awards of Arizona, for best new Children’s Picture Book ages 5 and younger. Her second book June Bug Jamboree received the same award at the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in 2014. The summer of 2014 Zoo on the Moon was selected for Primary Science curriculum in 147 Countries by the IBLIBRARY.COM for their newly developed primary year program.

In October 2015 she was a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Possible. She made the longlist for The Ontario Writers Conference in both 2014, and 2015, for poetry. She took first place at the 2016 Windsor International Writers Conference in 3 out of four categories, best opening line, best opening paragraph, and for her poem “The Tern”. She also recently underwent treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She with her positive can do attitude modelled for the Cancer Centre’s billboards and posters during a one month fundraising event that brought over 67,000 dollars directly to the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

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