Charitable Donations

Thank you to all of our donors and corporate sponsors.


Donations are greatly appreciated as they help us to fund bursaries for low-income kids referred to us by local charities and healthcare centres, as well as for new equipment and transportation needs.

To receive a charitable tax receipt, donors can make cheques payable to our community partner: MEDIA ARTS COMMUNITY CENTRE AND MUSEUM

The Media Arts Community Centre and Museum partners with Film camp for Kids and Youth to offer a film camp for ages 8 to 17 in Windsor, Ontario.  The program offers English and French classes, day and overnight camps, and summer and year-round programming.

Charitable donations are required for the following:

  • bursaries for low income resident families to send their children to camp
  • bursaries for refugee claimant’s children to attend camp
  • transportation, i.e. bus rentals to take children and youth on film shoots, i.e. to parks and historic locations
  • filed trips, i.e. swimming, bowling, etc. for team building and friendship making opportunities
  • creative art and film supplies, i.e. paints to make film posters, suppiles for guest artist projects with our campers, etc.
  • film equipment, cameras, lights, tripods and more
  • computers and film editing software


Corporate sponsorship benefit packages are available and, to show our gratitude, sponsors are also listed on our website.

Sponsors should make cheques payable to: FILM CAMP FOR KIDS


Mailing Address:  Film Camp for Kids, c/o Treasurer, 150 Randolph Place, Windsor, IN N9B 2T3

E-transfer: info@filmcampforkids.com (donors and sponsors can use this, and we will make certain you get the right kind of receipt)

PLEASE also complete this form so that we can watch for your contribution in the mail or via email.  Many thanks!!

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